Our History

    Our History

    The Company’s history begins in Chañaral, one of the central mining areas of the Atacama Region, located 104 miles from the City of Copiapó in northern Chile.
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    For our Company it is of the utmost importance to establish, nurture and maintain excellent quality relationships with the communities which surround our operations.
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    Statement of Mission and Vision

    Statement of Mission and Vision

    Our mission is to provide quality integrated services to the mining industry regardless of the terrain and/or the mechanical necessities required to complete the task. We are committed to developing and executing a process of efficient and effective exploitation that will guarantee maximum success!
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    Message from our Director

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    Reconocimiento ACHS

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    El Salvador, 10 años sin accidentes

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    Vecchiola hace entrega de la Beca de Excelencia académica, "Guido Vecchiola Cabrera""

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    Equipo Vecchiola-MEL al rescate

    12-06-2014 - Rescate realizado por personal Unidad de Negocio Escondida…

    Vecchiola S.A.

    Headquarters: Panamericana Norte Km 809 - Copiapó
    Phone: (056-52) 2203100 - Fax: (056-52) 2203123
    Santiago Branch Office: Padre Mariano 82 Oficina 904 - Providencia
    Phone: (056-2) 3467447
    Antofagasta Branch Office: Agustín Samso Sivori 275, La Negra
    Phone: (056-55) 2556898